Every Firehouse Needs a Dalamatian

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  2. February 11, 2013 4:32 pm

Every Firehouse Needs a Dalamatian

Firehouses and Dalmatians: The Perfect Couple

When most people think of the Dalmatian breed, they think about firehouses. Dalmatians have long been the mascot of fire departments everywhere. There is a rich history among this popular dog breed and one of the most heroic professions in the world.

Before fire trucks were invented, firemen rode to emergencies on horse-drawn fire engines. Dalmatians were chosen to run along side of the coaches because of their high levels of endurance and easy visibility. The dogs acted as sirens act today: to warn people of the coming of an emergency vehicle. Once trucks were invented and began to be used within the fire department, the Dalmatian was kept on as a mascot.

Though firemen have always been held in high regard, it never hurts to have a cute mascot by your side. Children and adults alike love dogs and having a mascot makes firemen seem more approachable and, ultimately, human. Dalmatians act as the perfect icebreaker when school, scouting and youth groups stop by to tour the fire station.

Dalmatians aren’t mascots for fire houses simply because they always have been. While some fire houses choose other breeds of dog to represent them, many have stuck with the spotted beauty. Dalmatians have an amazing amount of stamina, are accepting of strangers when socialized properly, and are very loyal to their guardians. There may be no better dog equipped both physically and mentally to represent these hard-working professionals.

While Dalmatians are no longer required to work in a fire house, they are still an important public relations tool. These dogs also act as surrogate families to firemen who must spend ample amounts of time away from their own. The next time that you have the opportunity to tour your local fire house, look for a Dalmatian; chances are high you’ll find one taking up residence.

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