The Dalmatian Dog Breed

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  2. January 6, 2013 4:30 pm

The Dalmatian Dog Breed

Quick Facts: The Dalmatian

Before you bring any dog into your home, it’s important that you be sure it’s the right match for your family. There are dozens of dog breeds available to you but not all are the perfect fit. If you’re considering a Dalmatian, here’s what you need to know:

1. Physical Attributes
The Dalmatian is easy to spot; no pun intended. These white dogs with black or liver-colored spots have been popular for years. A medium-sized breed, they require very little grooming and are easy to maintain. The dogs are athletic and agile, making great family pets.

2. Temperament
Properly trained, this breed can make a fantastic companion. When left to their own devices, Dalmatians can turn defiant and, at worst, aggressive. Dalmatians are not the breed for inexperienced or lackadaisical dog owners. Because of their high intelligence and need for exercise, these dogs do best in active families with strong, confident leaders.

3. Health
Dalmatians have one of the highest rates of deafness in the dog world. Approximately 10 to 12 percent of these dogs are born without the ability to hear. Dalmatians are also prone to urinary stones and skin allergies.

4. Living Conditions
It is the rare Dalmatian that is happy and content in a small apartment. These dogs need room to run and are best suited to life indoors. People who welcome Dalmatians into their homes should have ample space for the dog to live and play.

5. Training
As has been said, Dalmatians need a firm, confident leader. Dalmatian puppies should begin training and socialization early, and that training should continue until the Dalmatian has reached adulthood.

If you are considering a Dalmatian for your family, take the above information into consideration. Although they are undeniably attractive, Dalmatians are not for everyone; no breed is. For more information, contact the Dalmatian breed club in your region.

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